Creative Agency

Advice & Invest

We create value. We invest expertise and time in exchange for equity. This is our most valuable asset to startup companies. In some cases, we make direct investments.

Creative Agency

Digital transformation

We believe that digitalization makes the differences and enables success. We find opportunities and value in exploitation of digital power.

Creative Agency


We create strong and lasting values between the organization, the product, the market and the customers.

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Basecamp Invest is a Danish private investment company based in Aarhus and Copenhagen. We invest in early stage startup companies. We get involved, take responsibility and create value.

We are constantly searching for superior teams with innovative ideas. We emphasizes unique value proposition with substantial market potential.


We help with founding process, development of a business plan and strategy, prioritize daily actions, product development, marketing, sale, scaling, further fundraising, organize people and processes, ensure execution, setting up reporting system vs stakeholders.


We invest together with other investors and the founders. Together we define an exit strategy based on the individual case.


Poul Sohl
Buisness Developer

Poul graduated from Aarhus University in MSc (Econ.). Before joining Basecamp Invest, he worked with business development, marketing and sales in small and large companies, from the oil industry to information technology. Poul brings both operational and strategic experience from building ventures and working closely with the companies’ management boards. In addition to Basecamp Invest Poul works as private investor.

Teit Knudsen

Teit graduated from Copenhagen Business School in MSc (Econ.).Teit is very experienced start-up entrepreneur, being involved in the zone for more than 20 years, built and sold several companies, lived in Denmark, Qatar, South America and Norway. Seen failures and success. Teit is a “bridge builders”, he creates relationships that cut across the lines of conflict. Apart from the position in Basecamp Invest Teit works as CEO in an ecommerce & media company.

Ralf Sohl

Ralf has a degree in computer science. He has been selected to be among the most talented 100 Danish young business people. Ralf is a talent, uncompromising, challenge all standards and see solutions like no other. Ralf is a very experience start-up entrepreneur, established and sold several companies over the years. Besides Basecamp Invest Ralf holds a position as CTO for an international communication company.
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